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Based on the video DNA matching technology and the forensics technology, we offer various solutions.

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Technologies Owned by the Company

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Video DNA filtering

By extracting a unique DNA of a video and comparing it to other video clips, we can quickly find the same video which has been transformed (black & white, flipped, different resolution, playback speed, etc.).

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Tracking users who have shared torrent files

By monitoring and tracking uploaders who share files through torrents, we analyze file sharing status and uploader information.

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Tracking IP and domain

With a database accumulated for decades, we offer registration information, history information, and location information on specific IP and domain.

Product Introduction

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Automatic video DNA filtering system

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Tracking system for users illegally sharing torrent files

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Information lookup system for IP and domain

Technological Support

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RESTful-based API services

All our products offer RESTful-based API customized to each customer’s needs. Customers can personally carryout customizations that suit their needs by utilizing the API.

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We provide suitable customizing services and a customized user environment for every product according to the customers’ needs.

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Quick responses

We promise a prompt response to various issues, technical support, and inquiries that arise during system operations by managing a professional technical support team.


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