Meet the automated illegal torrent uploader tracking solution.

Core technology

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Simultaneous monitoring of tens of thousands of torrent uploaders

Monitors the current state (IP, number of files, upload status, etc.) of tens of thousands of torrent uploaders in real-time.

Selecting heavy uploaders through data association analysis

It automatically selects heavy uploaders who take part in uploading myriads of torrents through association analyses of uploader information for each torrent.

Blocking sharing during the monitoring process.

During the process of monitoring torrent uploaders, no uploads or downloads of files takes place. The monitoring is done with only a minimum (1 - 10 Mbps) data traffic.

Characteristics and Advantages

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Real-time Tracking

Registered torrent files are monitored real-time; peers are tracked for 24 hours a day for 365 days.

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By analyzing the monitored uploader information, the system provides graphs visualizing various statistics (per country, hour, or group). It can be quickly checked from the website.

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Monitors thousands of torrent seed files and tracks up to tens of thousands of uploaders at the same time.

Effects of Adopting the Technology

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Securing Legal Evidence

TRAP adheres to the BitTorrent protocol to provide highly reliable results. The detected upload data can be used as an indirect evidence against a suspect. All the collected information will be provided as a CSV file.

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Preventing Uploads

When we track uploaders using our own technology, we do not upload the files we target to collect information on, thereby preventing the ironical method for collection that has existed.

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Cost Reduction

By using TRAP, with all the automated process, compared to manual information collection, it can automatically collect a substantially higher amount of upload information in real-time, thereby relatively reducing costs.

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