Meet a precise and fast Video DNA filtering solution.

Core technology

Extracting video DNA

What is DNA?

We call a form of a collection of specific characteristics extracted from videos or images a DNA. DNA is stored and managed in a database as a file.

HASH and DNA based video filtering

After comparing the HASH and DNA data with the database, we determine the videos as the same based on the percent matched.

Characteristics and Advantages

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By comparing characteristic DNA information of video files, same videos can be detected with 99% or higher accuracy for transformed (black & white, flipped, different resolution, playback speed, and added subtitles, etc.) video files.

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Fast speed

Through Hash comparison, duplicate videos are removed, and completely matched videos are processed first. Then, specific DNAs are searched within seconds among thousands of video files. The time it takes to extract DNA is proportional to the playback time of the video.

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Information security

The content of a video file cannot be inferred from the DNA information extracted from the video file. Only the DNA information is stored on the server.

Effects of Adopting the Technology

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By quickly checking the DNA matching results for tens of thousands of videos, it can process an exceptionally higher amount of filtering job compared to manual processing.

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The video DNA filtering boasts a 99% or higher accuracy. It minimizes the error that can arise from manual filtering.

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Cost reduction

By automating the video check and comparison work, which had previously been done manually, it brings about cost reduction.

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