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association analysis solution.

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Features of TRAP

365 days continuous automatic monitoring

Conventional methods of downloading actual content and collecting uploader information have the problem of stopping monitoring once the download is complete.

TRAP does not download content directly, but has a special technique to collect only uploader information.

Monitor registered content 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, eliminating blind spots.

Simultaneous monitoring of many targets

A single monitoring system can monitor up to 2000 targets simultaneously.

Implemented as a distributed system, there is no limit to system expansion.

Automatic tracking of heavy uploader

Automatically track heavy uploaders who are participating in a large number of content sharing by analyzing illegal uploader information.

Group monitoring

Monitoring targets can be grouped and can be monitored by time and content type.

Provides statistical information and heavy uploader tracking information for each group.

Monitoring statistics information

Provides visualization of statistics by country, change of uploader count, statistics by numerical value, etc.

All of the information provided can be downloaded as an Excel (CSV) file for easy use.

Up / Download blocking technology

During the monitoring process, we do not participate in torrent sharing and collect only uploader information.

TRAP Benefits

TRAP offers a variety of benefits.

Cost savings can be achieved with automated monitoring.

You can dramatically reduce the cost of a simple and time-consuming torrent monitoring process.

TRAP performs all monitoring processes on its own and visualizes only the information that the administrator needs.

You can respond more effectively.

TRAP has automated all the necessary steps for crackdown, including torrent monitoring, uploader information collection, and information analysis.

Up to 2000 targets can be monitored simultaneously on a single server.

Performs data association analysis to automatically track heavy uploaders.

It is easy to obtain the proof material to use for legal correspondence.

TRAP is monitored in compliance with the BitTorrent standard protocol and provides reliable results.

The detected upload information can be used as indirect evidence to identify the suspect.

All the collected information is provided as an Excel (CSV) file and can be used easily.