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Torrent is a blind spot for illegal dissemination of copyrighted works!
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Copyright infringement through torrent

700 million ($)

Copyright infringement scale
(in Korea)

5.73 million

Illegal distribution
(in Korea)

32 %

Illegal Distribution Channels

26 %

Internet traffic portion

What is a torrent?

Torrent is a program designed to easily share files among users over the Internet.

Many people send and receive files at the same time.

  • Torrent uses a "one-to-many" approach to downloading a file from multiple users and then merge the files into a single file.
  • Torrent will download a file piece to a large number of users who have a target file.
  • Torrents send and receive data directly without a central server. Therefore, the more users have the files they share, the faster the download will be.

Torrent has no distinction between uploader and downloader.

  • When Torrent downloads a file piece, it transfers it to another user who does not have that file piece.
  • Torrent will upload at the same time as you download, even if you do not have the purpose of uploading. Therefore, if you download an illegal work, the downloader may become an illegal uploader.

Torrent has a lot of users, and users are constantly increasing.

  • Torrent has around 170 million users worldwide.
  • Users of existing search engines or web-hard are moving to torrents because of 'copyright enforcement policy' and 'web-hard registration system', and torrent usage is increasing.

First place in illegal copy distribution channel.

  • Torrent has been spreading at a rapid pace since November 2011 with the introduction of 'Web-Hard Registry'. According to the 'Copyright Survey' of the Copyright Commission of Korea in 2012, the number of illegal copy distribution was 625 million times(32%) for Web-Hard, 223 million(11%) for portal site, 745 million(36%) for Torrent, Torrent occupies the most percentage. While the distribution of pirated copies through web-hard and portal sites has been decreasing, the torrent has increased by 41.7 percent within the year.
  • On May 30, 2013, the Ministry of Culture conducted an investigation into 10 torrent sites. As a result, 3,780,000 members downloaded illegally shared information files for 715 million times. The copyright infringement caused by Torrent is estimated at 866.7 billion won.

Torrent is a blind spot in illegal data sharing.

  • Torrent is used as a way that anyone can easily access sexually explicit material without any separate user authentication. Torrent is difficult to track because there is no central server like web hard. So it was the blind spot of pornography interception.
  • Governments and copyright holders are struggling with the torrent but are not easy to regulate. It is difficult to confirm the sharer as an illegal uploader because it is a method of downloading 'file fragments' from one or more sharers as a feature of Torrent.

Why can not you crack down on the torrent?

Torrent does not have a central server.

Torrent users share files directly when sharing files. So if you do not monitor all users sharing the data, it will be difficult to crack down.

Current tracking technology is difficult to distinguish between real uploaders. So the copyright owner indiscriminately sued all uploads, causing the problem of "settlement merchant".

This is because it is difficult to distinguish the heavy uploader from the existing intermission method.

In the course of the crackdown, there is a contradiction in which investigators also participate in data sharing.

The existing enforcement method downloads the data shared by the investigator directly and collects the uploader information. This existing method causes the problem of "deliberate complaint" because data sharing occurs through the investigator's PC during the enforcement process.

Currently there is no countermeasure to effectively crack down on torrents!

TRAP solved the current problem!

Automated uploader tracking system.

TRAP can monitor thousands of torrents at the same time by automating all interrupted processes. This maximizes the effectiveness of the crackdown and enables effective response.

Although the existing method is limited to the uploader at the time of the investigation by the investigator, TRAP monitors the target without stopping 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

TRAP can track heavy uploaders through data association analysis.

In order to fundamentally solve the problem of integrated copyright infringement that occurs in torrents, it is necessary to be able to distinguish "heavy uploader" that continuously uploads a large amount of torrents.

TRAP groups the interceptors and performs an association analysis on the uploader. Automatically track heavy uploaders that share many torrents in the uploader, using association analysis.

You can solve the "settlement merchant" problem because you can keep track of heavy uploaders.

TRAP does not participate in data sharing during the monitoring process.

Using our proprietary torrent monitoring technology, you can track uploader information without actually uploading or downloading shared material.

We did not download the shared material that had been inevitable for uploader tracking, so we resolved the contradictions of the existing crackdown process.

Visualize and provide collected uploader information.

TRAP provides visualization of all monitoring results via web pages, making it easy for non-experts.

There is no need to install a separate user program to check the system control and monitoring results.

The data collected through TRAP can be downloaded easily as a CSV file (Excel).